Corner of Farm Road/Sampson Road 



West Midlands 

B11 1LS 

Christ Church parish has existed for nearly one hundred and fifty years, the Victorian building a central feature of community life over that time. However, in 2005 a tornado ripped through south east Birmingham rendering the church building unsafe and necessitating its demolition. As a result, Christ Church began to meet in a community house at 56 Grantham Road. As of summer 2012, it was decided to close down the formal worshipping congregation of Christ Church that meets on Sundays, releasing people to seek our other neighbouring churches for their core fellowship. However, a new "missional community" is meeting during the week in the brand new purpose built Christ Church centre. This group continues to pray and serve the local community, exploring contextual ways of reaching out to the people in Sparkbrook. Since 2013, the Sanctuary fellowship have been meeting with Christ Church on the first two Sundays of the month. Sanctuary are a group following Christ and seeking to bring together the cultures of East and West in a meditative style of worship. Sanctuary-Christ Church are now a partnership in the Sparkbrook area.


Parish Missioner = David Brogan